Meal Prep Breakfast Burritos with Turkey Sausage and Mushrooms

The breakfast meal prepping continues this week with a tried and true classic – breakfast burritos! Making these was so fun and simple. I chose to include mushrooms, turkey sausage, and fresh salsa in the mix. With all the awesome ingredients included, breakfast this week was a success! 

When it came to my fillings, I knew I wanted to combine healthy and delicious. Using the turkey sausage helped me provide tons of flavor while making sure the meal was nutritious for the whole family. For a serving of veggies, I used mushrooms and fresh salsa from the produce aisle in my grocery store. The fresh salsa provided more flavor than regular canned salsa without the hassle of making it from scratch. I chopped the turkey sausage and mushrooms using my french fry fairy cutter (the technical name is Rapid Prep Mandolin but I like my version better). Once the fillings were prepped, it was time to get my seasonings on! 

I chose a slightly unorthodox route for my seasonings this time around. To season the mushrooms, I used chili lime and guacamole seasoning from Pampered Chef. Both spices took the flavor to a whole new level. In addition to using those seasonings, I used the fresh salsa in my egg mixture to kick the flavor up a notch. Seasoning to taste is so important- the goal is to want to reach into the fridge and be excited about each meal. The flavors had me pumped to eat this delicious burrito each morning! 

Next it was time to cook all the ingredients together. I cooked the sausage in my 12-inch skillet (perfect for cooking in bulk) and added in the mushrooms. While they were cooking, I scrambled two dozen eggs (1 serving of protein = 2 eggs) and seasoned again with the guacamole and chili lime seasoning along with salt and pepper. Before scrambling the eggs, I added half a cup of the fresh salsa to the mixture to really bump up the flavor. The last step was to let the egg mixture cook together. Assembly and storage was the final step in the process. 

To assemble, I spread out several paper towels along my counter – you can also use cutting mats. I sprinkled cheddar and more fresh salsa onto my tortillas. Normally, I use regular tortillas but I wanted to give the low carb ones a try this week, they were so delicious! Then I added the egg mixture using my scoop and serve and let them cool (after enjoying one, of course) before wrapping. Each burrito was wrapped in cling wrap and stored in the fridge. I loved how quick and simple this was, and the peace of mind from knowing breakfast for the week was ready to go! 

To reheat throughout the week, I unwrapped my burrito from the fridge and then re-wrapped it. Next, I placed it in my tortilla warmer and heated for 1 minute and 15 seconds in the  microwave. Simple and delicious breakfasts are my favorite and this one definitely hit the spot! 

That’s all for my meal prep breakfast burritos! Remember to change up the fillings to fit personal tastes so that there’s excitement each morning at breakfast time. Have a great week!

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